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this table says it all. these people at the btr obviously have way too much time on their hands. 5 people to process 3 disciplinary actions per month? I need a govnerment job. no wonder the state of Arizona is short of money. they're pissing it away on stupid agencies like this. can you say BUDGET CUT?

the BTR sounds alot like the AZ SPCC. look at this link below. the SPCC is being eliminated because of their corruption or, "cronyism" as they say. Maybe we need to get rid of the BTR too?


the SPCC is going away because people like us bitched about the corruption and unfair treatment that was taking place. So as home inspectors, we all need to make some noise and expose what's happening at the BTR. Otherwise nothing will ever change. In fact it will get worse.

Everybody should contact the board members and let them know Home Inspectors are tired of being treated like crap. Go to the next board meeting and make your voice heard.

Here's a link to the name and contact info for each of the BTR's Board members.


BE SURE YOU call them, fax them, email them or mail them a letter. Make sure they hear from you. The BTR knows we are an industry of sole proprietors, that's why they're treating us badly. They think we can't fight back. We need to show them how wrong they are.

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