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The BTR is doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Those that are complaining are the ones who can't make it in the profession.

FULL DISCLOSURE NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: This person failed to disclose he's a member of ASHI leadership in another state.

If the BTR is doing such a great job then why does the state government want to do away with them? Huh Speedy?

Good question Road Runner. The BTR claims SB1171 may eliminate the BTR for budget reasons - but the btr is a self supporting agency, so it won't save the state any money to get rid of them. hello? Some people think the BTR is doing a sucky job, some people have had no contact with them, others think they're doing a great job. The people who are really happy with the BTR tend to be part of that 'good old boy network' everyone else wants to get rid of.

Speedy - there are plenty of very established AZ home inspectors, even long time ASHI members who are pissed about this too.

Ya know its open minds like Speedy's that will find us all at the ROC this time next year. To think that a bloated and inefficient government agency can't be done away with is just plain naive. Have you seen what is going on over at the SPCC (Structural Pest Control Commission)? That agency will be gone by mid summer. And do you think that Arizona home inspectors have more pull then the pest control industry? The governor has to make up a billion dollar budget shortfall. You better wake up out there. If you want to save our agency we better smell the collective coffee and do something. Or… we could all take Speedy’s advice and pat ourselves on the back and say what a good job the BTR is doing and stick our fingers in our ears and sing lalala. I for one am not going to lay down and let a few in denial or a few in the BTR’s back pocket screw it up for the rest of us!!!

I'm a home inspector and the btr hasn't issued me my wallet identification card for the past 3 years that I'm suppposed to be carrying with me at all times to identify myself. every time I ask them about this,. they say if you need proof of your license just log onto our website. This to me, is an attempt to deflect blame to the fact that thay can't even issue wallet id card on time, I believe most of them are highly incompetent.

to say the btr is incompetent would be a total understatement...

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